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Welcome to Krishi Network,

where we work with farmers to improve their financial investments and environmental conditions through our Micro-Agriculture and Environment Pilot Project.

At Krishi Network, our vision is to create sustainable farming practices that benefit both the environment and the farmers. We strive to empower farmers by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed financially, while also preserving and improving the natural resources they rely on. Through our Micro-Agriculture and Environment Pilot Project, we aim to set an example for the future of agriculture.

Krishi Network, a Micro-Agriculture and Environment Pilot Project (MAEPP), recently worked with a group of small-scale farmers in Bangladesh to implement sustainable farming practices. The goal of the project was to increase crop yields while also improving the environmental conditions of farming life. Through financial investment and consultancy-based projects, Krishi Network was able to help these farmers achieve their objectives.

With the help of Krishi Network, small-scale farmers were able to adopt sustainable farming practices that not only increased their crop yields but also improved the environmental conditions of their farming life. The farmers were able to use environmentally safe techniques such as crop rotation, composting, and natural pest management, resulting in healthier soil and reduced use of harmful pesticides. The success of the project has inspired other farmers in the region to adopt sustainable practices, creating a ripple effect that will benefit the environment and farming communities for years to come.

What We Do

"Contribute towards changes in our Agriculture and Farmer's lives".


      Small-Scale Farmers

  • We strive to empower farmers by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to improve their agricultural practices.

  • Through our training programs, workshops, and access to modern technology, we aim to enhance their productivity and profitability.


      Sustainable Farming Practices

  • We are committed to promoting sustainable farming practices that prioritize environmental stewardship.

  • By advocating for organic farming, efficient water management, soil conservation, and the use of renewable energy, we aim to create a harmonious balance between agricultural productivity and ecological well-being.


      Community Farmers

  • We recognize the importance of strong farming communities as the backbone of our agricultural sector.

  • Our mission is to foster a sense of unity and collaboration among farmers, encouraging knowledge sharing, cooperative initiatives, and the creation of support networks that enable them to overcome challenges together.


      After Harvest

  • We understand that access to resources such as finance, markets, and technology is vital for farmers to thrive.

  • We work tirelessly to connect farmers with financial institutions, marketplaces, and cutting-edge technologies that can optimize their production, improve their incomes, and open new avenues for growth.

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